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Class of 1958
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Bob Charlton
Darline (Ryther) Braz
Douglas Lucas
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Ed (Eddie) Smith

Elaine Mason-Goodman
Jim Hanchett
Keith Pressley
Leonard Mehlmauer
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Marty Crail Hollingsworth
Olivia (Livvie) Guerra Chambers
Paul Prosise
Phil Nixon
Russ Arnett

Ed (Eddie) Smith
E-mail: edanddee@webtv.net (Ed Smith)

Where to find a picture of you on the web: http://www.screenmagic.com/kayak/BalboaPier.html
Message to classmates:
School Activities:
CROYDON Staff-Advertising, Charter member NRD.
Life Update: Life has been good. After Millikan and two years at Long Beach City College I started a summer job at Pacific Bell. That summer job turned into a 34 year marketing career. I was extremely fortunate to retire early at 54 and enjoy all the good things retirement offers. I've been married to Delores, the true love of my life, for 38 years. Our home has been in Orange County for the past 12 years. We have two sons, both the best a parent could ask for. No grand-children yet, but all in due time. Over the past several years I've been able to indulge my passion for travel. To date, 19 countries on 5 continents and 32 states. And many more to come.
Hobbies/Fun: Tennis, ocean-kayaking, hiking, photography and travel.
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Posted 11/16/99

Elaine Mason-Goodman

What a great website for Millikan.  I'm sorry that I missed the 50th reunion.  I moved from Santa Fe, NM back to California to be close to 3 new grandchildren, all boys.  Now living in Bakersfield and involved with my two daughters' families, gardening, and finally taking a class in ceramics, throwing pots etc.

  Retired from New Mexico State Library where I traveled throughout the state working with librarians and their boards. A beautiful place and wonderful cultures, both Native American and Hispanic.

 Spoke to another 1958 graduate recently, Sandra Deaton, who is living in Henderson, NV and doing Fused Glass, an art form she is teaching and creating.

Posted 3/13/07



Jim Hanchett  see "Classmates We Will Miss" page
Occupation(s): Writer/editor
School Activities: Editor of the Corydon
Life Update: I've been in and out of journalism and the newspaper business, including one (financially onerous) stint as editor and publisher of a rural weekly in Northern California (Shingle Springs). Now live in Phoenix, married almost 25 years to Dottie, and we have a 16-year-old daughter, who is a high school junior. I also have two grown children from a previous marriage. Been in the software business for 13 years now as a marketing and tech writer/editor.
Hobbies/Fun: Cooking, the Internet, photography
Car - Millikan Days: A really uncool Ford
Time Line Story
"Life Long Friends" page
Photos from Jim
Posted 12/05/04

Keith Pressley
E-mail address:
Occupations: Have been with the U. S. Postal Service since 1963.
Life Update: Went into the Navy after high school. Have been with the U. S. Postal Service since 1963, except for an eight year break to start my own business and work at Douglas. Currently living and working in Temecula. Wife #3, Thetis (Kendall, Poly 65), and I will be celebrating 20 years in December. Between us we have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.
Hobbies/Fun: My favorite things to do are running, reading, going to movies, and entertaining with family and friends.
Posted 2/5/00

Leonard Mehlmauer
E-mail address:
Occupations: Naturopathic Physician, Eyologist, and Holistic Practitioner
Life Update: Spouse: Nenita Sarmiento. She attended school in the Philipines, her homeland, and graduated high school in 1983.
Graduate of CSULB in Anthropology, Graduate of Los Angeles Pierce College in Music, Graduate of Bernadean U. in Naturopathic Medicine.
3rd (and final!) marriage (this one 6 years) 2 children by first marriage, the're grown, and one has given me 2 grandchildren.
Eyology science (Iridology, Sclerology and Rayid)
Message to classmates: My greatest experiences have come from my beloved Teacher, Avatar Adi Da Samraj. I'd like to be in touch with some of my old buddies from gymnastics class. Love and Blessings to you all!
Posted 2/27/00

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