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RUSSELL HALL, class of 1939, Paramount High School, wrote:

going to the "Pike"...

We came to long beach in 1922
, and when we found out about the "Pike", our folks would take me and my two older brothers to the Pike and stay all day. What a wonderful time that was. When us boys got a little older, we went by ourselves, it was about a three mile walk, but we didn't care, cause we were going to the "Pike"...

I don't care what any one say's, that was a great place to spend our leisure time. we didn't even have to have any money to have fun. I remember one time me and my buddy Gordon went to the "Pike" without any money and we were walking around doing nothing, and we came by the "wild man" show and we were standing outside listening to all the yelling and screaming coming from the "wild man" to drum up some business. it was a very slow day and there weren't many customers around. We were standing there, and the guy selling the tickets said, "why don't you kids buy a ticket and see the "wild man" we said we didn't have any money, so he said "I'll let you in free if you'll go in there and do a lot of yelling and screaming like you're really scared. yeah, we said" we'll do it. We went in the place where he was and when he saw me and Gordon ((by the way, he was in a metal pit) he started swinging a metal chain against the walls and the floor for noise effect and he came running towards me and Gordon swinging that chain and screaming his lungs out, and I'll tell you that you never saw any one exit a place as fast me and Gordon did. No doubt about it, we drew a lot of customers for that show that day. I'll tell you this, Paul, our screams were real... what a great day that was...


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