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Michael Linton sent a link to his original music called, "Double Cyclone".  The sounds will take you back to the "good old days" of the Pike.  (Scroll down until you get to Selected Compositions and then pick #1 Double Cyclone):  Click here

"The Cyclone Racer closed in 1968. At one time, it was the largest and fastest coaster in the U.S. It was called the racer because there were two trains on two separate tracks that raced one another from start to finish.

Webmaster Note: They had a height requirement, but my brother was able to hide me so I could ride it. I used to hate it when I was on the ride, but as soon as I got off, I wanted to go on it again!

1. Three photos of the Cyclone Racer on its last day of operation, and during the process of its demolition.
by Tom Moore

2. Photos of the Old Pike and plaque on new fountain from the Pike as it is today.

3. For You Computer Gamers - Mark Paul Sebar has a game on the "Cyclone Racer" and the Pike at the Atari site where visitors can download a free demo of rct3 to check it out. Then if they decide to get the game they can go to the NuPike too.

Here is the direct link to the nupike webpage.

The link to Atari's site where you can download a free demo of the game to try out.

By the way I have updated today my rct3 rides webpage which lists all known existing rides and today at the bottom, 13 new rides that will be out in June in their new add-on pack.

Here is the page link.

These links would be a great resource for those who want to visit my nupike model and also experience many new parks and rides. RCT3 won the best game of 2004 for strategy.

See some photos from game

P.S. A note from the webmaster - I am not a gamer - please let me know if you try the above games.


4. Build a model of the Cyclone Racer?
This is a link to
(Not part of the Millikan Alumni, or Pike web site)

5. Build a full size Cyclone Racer?
This is a link to
With Photos and Original Sound Of The Trains Proceeding Up The Lift Hill And Down The Big Dip
(Not part of the Millikan Alumni, or Pike web site)






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