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Three photos of the Cyclone Racer on its last day of operation, and during the process of its demolition.
by Tom Moore


Last Ride

It was the end of June, 1968, and I had just returned from Vietnam.  I was on the USS Alamo LSD 33 and flew home to Muskegon. MI where I returned a married man.  My wife and her younger sister joined me later in August, and on September 15, 1968, on a warm evening we went to the Pike.  We were standing in front of the entrance to the Cyclone and debating whether to take a ride when the ticket guy hollered to hurry up because it was going to be the last run ever.  My wife was too scared to go so I took her sister and what a ride!  It was my second time on a roller coaster; my first was at Cedar Point, Ohio the summer of 1965. Seeing the pictures of the coaster and the Pike bring back fond memories of that summer.

Fred J, Mayo

Bob Rapp, Long Beach Poly Class of 1969, wrote:

The Cyclone Racer's Almost Last Ride

In 1968, a friend (Eddie Hoke, Class of '68) and I went to the Cyclone and climbed to the top of the highest point before the big drop. They had already started tearing the old coaster down.  Just after the bottom of the first drop, the coaster climbed up another small hill. That is where the demolition crews had stopped for the day. The track stopped there.  If we could only push the cars up that big hill, we could see the last run of the coaster and have it land on the beach below. We pushed and pushed, but could only get the cars about 20 feet up.  Boy, were we disappointed!!!!

Webmaster Note: To read more stories about the Pike see "Short Stories" on the index.

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