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Three photos of the Cyclone Racer on its last day of operation, and during the process of its demolition.
by Tom Moore



Build a model of the Cyclone Racer?
This is a link to
(Not part of the Millikan Alumni, or Pike web site)

Build a full size Cyclone Racer?
This is a link to
With Photos and Original Sound Of The Trains Proceeding Up The Lift Hill And Down The Big Dip
(Not part of the Millikan Alumni, or Pike web site)


For You Computer Gamers
See some photos from game

From "Mark Paul" Sebar

"Just wanted to let you know, I have a working model of the "Cyclone
Racer" and the Pike here. They require RCT "Roller Coaster Tycoon" and a
Trainer 5.0 or higher. The coaster is spectacular. There are some screen
shots posted. Due to the limitations of rides available, the other rides
were kind of a wing-it deal. However, the P.O.P. park I modeled took
months and with some ride exceptions, is pretty close to the map. One
major difference is the P.O.P. main entrance. Sorry, but I'll try and
fix this in a future version. Getting back to the pike, it also has a
wooden "Wild Maus" mouse coaster too. Also a Louff Carousel...with a
little imagination. All can be downloaded here for free. Enjoy...and I'm
just giving back. RCT is less than 20 bucks and can be had anywhere.
Will also require the trainer program and the RCt upgrade "Corkscrew

Warmest Regards,

American Author, Poet & Screenwriter
"Mark Paul" Sebar

(Not part of the Millikan Alumni, or Pike web site)

P.S. A note from the webmaster - please let me know if you try the above games.



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