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"This pamphlet of the plunge was done about 1933 or so.  The lifeguard (Allen Warrick) is holding the hand of my mother. My mother was then know as Barbara Rose and at that time was Miss Junior Long Beach.  She had done many promotional things in that period". (From Paul Fleming for more on Paul and Lee's BBQ see the "Pike Personnel" page)

Vacuum Cleaning Free of Dust
“Vacuum cleaning is just another dusty job to most folks, but to Allen Warrick it means a soaking under nine feet of water.  When he runs a vacuum machine over the floor of the largest swimming pool in Long Beach he wears a diving helmet and breathes air under pressure, supplied through a hose.  Here he is seen at work in the depths, with his air hose, vacuum-cleaning hose and bubbles all about him.  The photo was taken from a platform ten feet above the water.”
From  the Press-Telegram Photo  


For my Dad---Allen Warrick
I was one of the lucky ones who grew up with the pike and the plunge. When I was born (36), my Dad was a lifeguard at the pike. In the summer times he worked the ocean,
and in the winter, he worked the plunge. Doing those years, he was the one that took the temperature of the ocean and he spent years vacuum cleaning the plunge floor. As a matter of fact, that is my Dad that is holding Barbara Rose's hand in the plunge picture above. During the years that I can start remembering (the 40's), My Dad was the Manager of the plunge. Those were great years for me, as they were for my Brother and Sister. The pike was our second home. My sister and I spent many years there. We now both wonder how we survived without drowning, as we had the run of the ocean and plunge. At that time, Bunny Miller was the lifeguard at the plunge and my sis and I were so in love. We both wanted to grow up and marry him.
I will never forget those days and wish I could do them again. We would also still have our Dad who we lost in 1992. I'm lucky that I still have my Mother, and she can remember all the things that I have forgotten, and she still had the articles from the papers.
(Photos from the Long Beach Press-Telegram and Life magazine). 
                                                                          Jeri Maye Warrick
                                                                              now Jeri McConnell


The Plunge at the Pike in the 1950s had a large indoor swimming pool.

The Plunge, originally called the Bath House, in the early 1900s
Note early slide ride on right

Photos of the Old Plunge and plaque on new fountain from the Pike as it is today.


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