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DVD, Videos and Film of the Pike

   Dennis Morawski, a Long Beach historian, has added two new fun videos about The Long Beach Pike to YouTube.  Please click on the two links below to view:

 "We Met at the Pike".  It's the true story of a couple who met on the Cyclone Racer and have now been married almost 60 years.
The link to it is:

Dennis Morawski has a new Pike and Long Beach web site at:

Videographer/Oral Historian, Dennis Morawski, has done some very interesting videos on The Pike. Unfortunately, you can only get them by checking them out from the Long Beach Library or on Long Beach cable TV if you live in the area. Below are some of the titles, the newest being "The Cyclone Racer"(DVD or VHS), three on the Pike, two features on the Long Beach 1933 earthquake, and documentaries on the Queen Mary, Pierpoint Landing and the Model T Signal Hill Climb and a profile of the extraordinary Long Beach sportsman, Jed Welsh.

I've checked out several of these myself, and he does a great job so I highly recommend them if you're into The Pike and Long Beach history.

  YouTube videos

History of The Lido Ballroom
By Larry Ellis, the leader of the band (The Illusions)

Also see:

Marlow Stewart and The Illusions (At the Lido Ballroom)

For the story on The Illusions, see their web site at:


Filmed at THE PIKE Amusement Park in 1973 for an episode of "THE MAGICIAN" starring the late actor, Bill Bixby.  In these scenes you can see (and hear) The Laughing Lady, The Fun House, The Carousel, The Rollo Plane, The Rotor...
For photos and a link to the film courtesy of John Parnell of North Hollywood, CA Click Here

Not part of The Pike, but a common sight in Southern California from 1931 through 1969 were Helms Bakery trucks, which delivered baked goods to homes first in trucks manufactured by Twin Coach, equipped with bread racks and pull drawers, and later in Chevrolet panel vans.

This video is mainly about Lions installing a new engine in a Helms Bakery truck with some nice still shots of the trucks and bakery itself.

Click below for more on Helms:

YouTube video on old Southern California
Things That Aren't Here Anymore with Ralph Story KCET PBS
I was a big fan of Ralph Story. His YouTube video has only a little on "The Pike"; it's mostly on LA and Southern California, but for those of us who enjoy looking back in time, now and then it's great.

Color Footage of the Pike in 1952 from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Attached is a very nice and informative e-mail from the academy's public access film coordinator asking that I list a link to their web site for anyone wanting access to color film of the Pike from 1952 (see e-mail and link below):

Dear Paul,

I came across your Long Beach Pike web site while researching some footage we recently acquired here at the Academy Film archive. It's part of a large collection of 16mm home movies shot by Newcomb Condee, a Los Angeles judge, and includes some very nice color footage of Condee's family at the Pike in July, 1952. Condee's grandchildren are still quite small and obviously enjoy riding the miniature train and merry-go-rounds!
There are also some nice shots of the main avenue, with sailors in
uniform walking by in the background.

We are very happy to provide research access to this material, as well as other historic Los Angeles footage from the Condee and other collections, at our facility here in Hollywood. We would be grateful if you would let your web site readers know that the footage exists and is accessible. More information about the Academy Film Archive, including our location, parking, and hours, as well as an online request form for booking viewing appointments, is on our web site at

Thank you for putting together such an informative and lovely web site!
It was most edifying.


Snowden Becker

(Ms.) Snowden Becker
Public Access Coordinator
Academy Film Archive
1313 N. Vine St, Los Angeles CA 90028
(310) 247-3016 x 387

(310) 247-3032 FAX



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