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Walking down the main street of the Pike with arcades, shooting galleries, cotton candy, hot dogs, cafes, and a Ripleys Believe It or Not type side show and other exhibits.

Main Street was called " The Walk of a Thousand Lights"
(Bernard Frydman, aka Frenchy - one of the Pike police officers)

Note in this 1938 photo that the water has been pushed back from the bath house (the building center right with the white pillars) with a new Cyclone Racer roller coaster and other new amusement buildings having been added. Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors are in the background.

Anyone who visited The Pike will remember the Laffing Sal.
A 1955 photo from Roger Newell, San Diego, CA

"A friend and I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk a couple of weeks ago. They have the Laffing Sal that was once at Playland at the Beach, and of course one of her many sisters used to preside at The Pike. I am offering this video in case you think your site's visitors might like to see one in action, albeit not the actual one from The Pike. I am also including a picture of the explanatory sign that accompanies Sal. (The background music on the video is coming from inside the nearby arcade.)" Photo and video from Carolyn Comings 5.9.2017

Laffing Sal

*     *     *


Kelly Adams found these photos in their family photo album of their grandparents taken in the ‘40s and 50’s on Main Street at The Pike.

Our family has a photo taken in the summer of 1935 of my aunt, Wilma Griffin, sitting on the "moon" at the Pike amusement center.  I don't know where the "moon" was located on the grounds.  My aunt was 17 at the time. My aunt and her parents (my grandparents) and her 2 brothers (one was my dad) were on a vacation trip from Burlington, Kansas to California. My grandmother wrote on the back of the photo: "Wilma Griffin on Pike at Long Beach."
                                                            -From Sharon Warman

1. More photographs taken at night

2. Photo of the Old Arcade and plaque on new fountain from the Pike as it is today.


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